(Includes NCCA Membership, Certification, Licensing + Three (3) Academic Degrees)

$300 for Initial Enrollment + 1st Course)
Program Method: "Pay As You Go" for Academic Courses, Matriculating Fees & Credential Fees
Total Program Cost: $9075 (Includes All Tuition, Coursebooks, S/H, Matriculating and other Fees & Processing
What You Will Receive at Successful Completion: NCCA Certification as a Temperament Counselor, Associates Degree in Christian Education, Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling, Full NCCA Membership, NCCA Licensing as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and Masters Degree in Clinical Christian Counseling.

Successful completion of this program fulfills all requirements for NCCA certification, license and the academic requirements for the:

  • A.A. in Christian Education from Cornerstone University (LA)
  • B.A. in Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University (LA)
  • M.A. in Clinical Christian Counseling, Christian Counseling Psychology, or Pastoral Counseling from one of the NCCA affiliated colleges, universities, or seminaries. (Student Choice)

  • ENROLLMENT: You may enroll in this program at any time
    ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS: Minimum HS or GED Equivalent Diploma
    RESIDENCY: There are no residency requirements. Degrees are conferred by mail. Students may choose to participate in commencement ceremonies or have their degrees/credentials presented to them at the annual NCCA conference, at own travel expense.
    MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS: Not required for enrollment, but is required for Licensing/Degree. We Assist.
    AVERAGE PROGRAM COMPLETION TIME: About Three (3) Years.(Based on a commitment of one (1) hour a day for study)
    TIME LIMITATIONS: Program is not self-paced. There are liberal time limitations. We are patient for students in need
    METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: Home Study, Textbooks, Workbooks, Closed-Book Proctored Exams, and Practicum.
    SUPERVISION/MENTORING: By a N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Certified In Supervision.
    SUPERVISION METHODS: Phone, Fax, Mail, and Email, as required by the National Board Of Christian Clinical Therapists (N.B.C.C.T.)
    ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Interactive student access area (policies, procedures, forms, examples, communication board, and other helpful assists to our successful students.
    ADVANCED OPPORTUNITY: Graduates are eligible to further pursue a doctorate degree (Special Curriculum) after successful completion of this program

    This program is open to all mature Christian adults under the age of 30 with no credits or degree, OR over the age of 30 and have less than five years of Christian leadership experience.

    If you are over the age of 30, AND have five (5) or more years of Christian leadership experience, you qualify for the Combination Certification, License + B.A. and M.A. Degree Program. Your mature age combined with life/ministry experience, allows you to be considered directly for the BA/MA program.
    (Please see the Combination License + BA/MA Degree Program link on the main page.

    COMBINATION A.A., B.A., & M.A. DEGREES + NCCA Certification & License

    PHASE ONE (13 Academic Credits + Practicum Lab Credits)

    BCC101 - $250   Basic Christian Counseling     3 Credits     
    THE101 - $250   Temperament Theory     3 Credits     
    THE201 - $250   Test and Measurement     1 Credit     
    THE301 - $250   Temperament Therapy     3 Credits     
    PSY301 - $250   Christian Psychology & Counseling     3 Credits     
    SPV101 - $400   Practicum Lab I (APS/SUPV)     

    Additional Requirements (Completed during Phase I):

  • Optional courses are available for students who need ministerial credentials or How To Start An Independent Ministry. Please inquire
  • Students Needing Ministerial credentials Are To Contact RMCM Early In Phase I, for direction
  • Completion of a 500 Question Equivilency Examination on the Bible "Open Book"
  • Administer/Facilitate Ten (10) Practicum Using The A.P.S. + provide written reporting
  • Sign & Submit Copy of NCCA Code Of Ethics
  • Submit Responses To 50 Ethical Questions From The NCCA Licensing Board Of Examiners (Provided In NCCA Documentation Package)
  • Submit Photograph and Personal Resume'
  • Submit Three Letters Of Reference Forms (Provided in NCCA Documentation Package)
  • Submit Proof Of Ministerial Credential (For Professional Clinical Membership At End Of Phase I)
  • Submit Phase One Application For Certification & Membership Form (Provided in NCCA Documentation Package)
  • Remit $ 50 - Initial NCCA Membership and Certification Fee.
  • Remit $ 50 - RMCM Ministries Processing Fee
  • Resubmit 10 Printed Practicum Reports by U.S. Mail (Previously Submitted Electronically)
  • Submit Signed/Dated Letter Addressing The Following: "Why I Desire To Be A Member And Certified By The National Christian Counselor's Association"

    After successfully completing all of the requirements for Phase I, the candidate (assuming everything is in order) will receive

  • NCCA Certified Temperament Counselor Credentials
  • NCCA Membership. Clinical Membership (non-clergy) or Professional Clinical Member (clergy)

    PHASE TWO (9 Academic Credits + Practicum Lab Credits)

    MPC300 - $250   Mastering Pastoral Counseling     3 Credits     
    TCS300 - $250   Temperament Case Studies     3 Credits     
    COD300 - $250   Counseling the Codependent     3 Credits      
    SPV201 - $525   Practicum Lab II (APS/SUPERVISION)
    Complete and Submit The Following to Close Out Phase II for Initial Licensing:

  • Submit Proof Of Ministerial Credentials (If not completed during Phase I)
  • Remit $1100 - AA Matriculation & Transfer Fees (Processed Early In Phase II)
  • Remit $1200 - BA Matriculation & Transfer Fees (Processed Near End of Phase II)
  • Submit Phase Two Application For End of Phase II & Licensing.
  • Submit License Background Screening Form. (National Background Check to verify candidate’s history)
  • Remit $100 - License Background Screening & Initial License Fee
  • Remit $50 - RMCM Ministries Processing Fee
  • Resubmit 15 Printed Practicum Reports by U.S. Mail (Previously Submitted Electronically)
  • Submit Proof Of Ministerial Credentials (If Not Previously Submitted in Phase I)

    After successfully completing all requirements for Phase II, the candidate (assuming everything is in order) will receive:

  • Initial license as Licensed Pastoral Counselor (L.P.C.) or if it best describes the candidate’s local ministry, he/she may request to be licensed as a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (L.C.C.C.) (regardless of degree level).

    PHASE THREE (36 Academic Credits + Thesis Turn In)

    Complete Twelve (12) PSY9100 - 9900 Advanced Elective Courses at $200 each.
    Review List Of PSY9100 - PSY9900 Elective Courses
    Complete and Submit The Following To Close Out Phase III And Receive The M.A. Degree:

  • Submit Two copies of a written thesis. This normally consists of 25 reports (case studies) developed from the candidate’s work with 25 individuals using the A.P.S. reports in Phases I and 2 Practicum Lab. Formats and examples are provided for all students.
  • Remit $50 NCCA Fee to upgrade the candidate’s license to the M.A. level of Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (L.C.P.C.), or Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor. (L.C.C.C.)
  • Submit Letter Of Authorization giving NCCA authority to release your records and assist you in obtaining your Master's degree.
  • Remit $1500 - MA Matriculation and Transfer Fees for the Master Of Arts degree
  • Remit $50 for RMCM Processing Fee

    After successfully completing all of the requirements for Phase 3, the candidate (assuming everything is in order) will receive:

  • Appropriate Board Certification counseling certificates for selected specialty areas from selected Phase III PSY9100 - 9900 elective course selections. (If Applicable)
  • Master of Arts degree in Clinical Christian Counseling is selected from the list of approved affiliated universities who participate in the RMCM / NCCA degree transfer program

  • Upgrade of NCCA license from Bachelors to Masters level (L.P.C. to L.C.P.C.)

    Additional Information Specific To This Program:

  • Ministerial (Clergy) Credentials Ministerial (Clergy) Credentials are not required for enrollment in this program, however, they must be obtained and proof provided not later than the end of Phase I (for NCCA Professional Clinical Membership), and certainly no later than the end of Phase II (For all License Programs)
  • * Ministerial Credential Course(s)Candidates who are already ordained, licensed or commissioned as a minister of the gospel; are automatically exempt from this requirement. Candidates who are not already ordained, licensed or commissioned as a minister of gospel will be required to complete at least one (1) course through our national church (National Conservative Christian Church) and become commissioned as a Minister of Counseling. Other projects or courses may be required of the national church based upon the student's ministry history. Obtaining and providing proof of personal ministerial (clergy) credentials is the sole responsibility of the candidate student., and is not an integral part of this program. Candidates who enroll without personal ministerial (clergy) credentials are urged to begin the separate processing for their clergy credentials early in Phase I. RMCM Ministries is well-qualified to advise and assist the student in any way in this process. Any candidate who enrolls and are unable to receive clergy commissioning, licensing or ordainment from their local church, we will assist students in an alternate route to obtain independent personal ministerial (clergy) credentials through our national church.
  • Degree Processing: A student cannot complete the A.A. or B.A. portion and then discontinue his/her studies unless providentially hindered.
  • All A.A. and B.A. degrees are conferred by Cornerstone University (Louisiana).
  • All M.A. and Doctorate (PhD) degrees are selected by the student at the end of Phase III, and completion of the program. See Current List Of Affiliated Universities. The student will select the university of his or her choice and indicate that choice in a letter of authorization which accompanies the thesis case study submissions and Master’s degree transfer request. The student may not contact the university directly. RMCM Ministries and NCCA serve as liaison between the student and university.
  • Financial Obligations: All phased program costs (courses, practicum, supervisor, credential, membership and matriculation fees) must be paid in full, prior to our processing any candidate's verification documents to the N.C.C.A. to accomodate credentials and award of any degrees.
  • All Annual NCCA membership and license renewal fees are the responsibility of the student is required. Membership is $50 per year and license renewal is $20 per year (total $70). A signed affidavit verifying continuing education must be submitted annually with renewal.
  • Accepted Payment Methods: (Personal Check, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Visa/MC/AMEX, PayPal
  • Discounts Are Available For Husband/Wife & Group Enrollments. Please Inquire For Details