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2004 Temperament Award
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Dr. Bob Mangus - CPsyD, LCPC, Min.
Founder/Director/Supervisor & Sr. Minister

N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor/Therapist (# MA74408B)
N.B.C.C.T. Board Certified Clinical Supervisor (# 0117052)
Ordained Minister, National Conservative Christian Church
S.A.C.C. Certified Instructor & Representative (# MA1B29)
APS Certified

Professional Clinical Member - National Christian Counselor's Association (NCCA)
Member - American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
2003 Recipient - NRCC National Leadership Award
2004 Recipient - NCCA Temperament Award

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Checklist - Why Choose RMCM Ministries

Let me extend a hearty welcome to RMCM Ministries. Most students who enroll with us are like you, having been experiencing the call to a ministry of Christian/Pastoral counseling for quite some time and have been searching a solid, Christ-centered home study credential/degree program in their search over the internet, Most prospective students are drawn back to our unique programs, then enroll.

I invite you to enroll and earn your membership with one of the largest educational and training associations of Christian counselors in the world, the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA), and receive sacred credentials for the specific ministry of Christian/Pastoral counseling. Our distance education (home study) programs are complete programs of study. We educate, equip and support counselors and counseling ministries everywhere. We also are available for group training for churches and other organizations.

Is God calling you to be a Christian be involved in active outreach ministry? We are a full-service training facility, certified by the National Christian Counselor's Association (N.C.C.A.) and we are board certified in clinical supervision by the N.B.C.C.T. This educational opportunity is unlike many other traditional colleges, universities and seminaries found over the internet. Not only do we facilitate your academic training........,at the same time, we mentor you in meeting the requirements for the N.C.C.A. certification and licensing, which means you will learn a specific faith-based therapeutic model, and use that model in practicum situations with counselees and volunteers, all under the skillful and expert oversight, review and critique of a certified supervisor, as you go through the program. You will be challenged to be the very best God is preparing you to be, and be equipped to begin or enhance a counseling ministry, by the end of your program.........usually sooner.

Our students come from all walks of life.........knowledge thirsty Christians.........Pastors, Ministers, Associate Ministers, Elders, Deacons & Missionaries, Small Group Ministry Leaders, Youth Ministers, Men's/Women's Ministry leaders, Health Professionals, State Licensed Mental Health professionals..........and other mature Christian men a nd women who, just like you, are experiencing the call to a ministry of compassionate care and counsel to a hurting world. Our students are from every area of the United States, and from provinces in Canada, Mexico and Bermuda. It is our priority to provide excellent communication and guidance for all students. We are a full-time education ministry, and supervision, guidance, and advice are readily available to you at all reasonable hours to answer questions. We have full, active student access area, with tips, guidance, forms, and a communication board for student grades and supervisor information requests. We also have our own student fellowship union group at Yahoo, where students can kick back, share with other students, enjoy monthly chats, receive information/articles to sharpen skills, or participate in chat forums where invited guests (counselors, authors, and others), will come in and facilitate questions and answers. We strive to make your distance education experience, the best academic experience possible, short of attending classes in person.

The N.C.C.A., and the colleges/seminaries that offer their degrees in partnership with our programs are accredited, well established and respected in the Christian & non-Christian community. Since 1981, the N.C.C.A. has certified and licensed over 4,000 counselors worldwide, and is internationally recognized as the best and most affordable, Biblically-based Christian counseling education & credential training available. Begin or enhance a ministry of Christian counseling within your church, develop an outreach from the church to your community. With credentials and education, you may also wish to establish an independent para-Church organization servicing area churches, organizations, and the community (under a national church orgranization). We will assist and support you, your Pastor and Church Leadership, or other non-profit Christian organization/entity in realizing your goals and objectives. For students who are not currently ordained or licensed upon enrollment, we will assist you by providing guidance in obtaining the necessary personal ministerial credentials (through your local church or our national church) that are required to accomodate NCCA licensing as a Christian counselor. If you are a current, state licensed professional counselor who wish to become a better Christian counselor, our programs are well-suited for you also.

We have open enrollment. This means you may begin at any time you are ready. The enrollment process is open to all mature Christians, regardless of educational or experience background (Minimum HS/GED) Programs are available at all entry levels. Program requirements and costs are fully detailed for you upfront. Enrollment is easy.... Enrollment Form, Responses to six (6) questions, and initial payment of $300 ($200 for PreCert Program) by check/MO/or Credit Card. This initial payment includes tuition, books, and shiping/handling for your first course. The balance of program payments are collected as you progress through the program. We understand busy lifestyles and schedules, so flexibility is already built in. After your initial enrollment processing, you simply "pay as you go" for courses and program fees, during each of the individual phases of the program you are enrolled in. Most students find the "pay as you go" program to be very satisfactory for their needs. Because of the religious nature of the programs, federal student financing is not a current option, however we have success in assisting students get their program financial costs paid for in alternate, creative ways, through state vocational rehabilitation, (Handicapped), State Commissions of the Blind, commercial student loans, and other creative options. One option often overlooked is the prospective student's own local church who will sponsor developing ministries ! For those desiring to develop or enhance counseling ministries within the community, outside of their local church, we will provide guidance and assistance in the student obtaining the necessary personal ministerial credentials and properly establishing legal and ethical tax-exempt ministries, in a well-planned, sytematic process.

Feel free to ask anything about our NCCA certification, licensing & degree programs. Your NCCA credentials and Christian counseling degree(s) are well suited for establishing and maintaining a vital ministry of care and counseling for your church or within the community as a para church organization. Your NCCA credentials will allow you to do so, legally and ethically, and you may even be paid for providing counseling services. If after thoroughly reviewing our programs and you still need positive reinforcement whether our programs are right for you and where the Lord may be leading, we are more than happy to put you in contact with one of our current students, who will share a student perspective on the training they are currently receiving or tell you of their ministry plans or progress.

We educate, equip and support counseling ministries everywhere. We also are available for group training for churches and other organizations. Is God calling you to be a Christian counselor? Don't put off obeying the call. We invite you to review our academic programs and find the one that best fits you and the ministry of Christian counseling you are envisioning. We are here to answer any and all questions. There are no hidden surprises. You may inquire into our programs through the inquiry form link below or on the program sites, or just pick up the phone and call me directly at (812) 636-7817 or toll free (877) 885-2735. If I am not in, just leave a message, and I will return your call promptly. We have a wonderful academic program, and I want to work with you to see if we have the best fit for your calling. I am also happy to speak with your Pastor or Leadership on ministerial credentials, or helping them establish or enhance a counseling ministry. Our priority is to "Equip the Saints" to be the very best Christian caregiver God will allow you to be. Let us help fulfill your call to a ministry of Christian counseling.

I look forward to hearing from you. There are many training resources available out there, and as has happened with so many of our current students and graduates, you will find yourself coming back often to check us out. Please pray about this opportunity to become fully equipped (academics and credentials) and your calling from God to do Christian pastoral counseling in your community. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on a personal and professional level.

Dr. Bob Mangus